2-9-18 The Ivory Pub in Deep River 9PM-12AM
2-15-18 The Griswold Inn in Essex 8PM-11PM
3-1-18 The Griswold Inn 8PM-11PM
3-4-18 DRB Acoustic at the Brushmill in Chester 4PM-7PM
3-9-18 The Ivory Pub 9PM-12AM
3-15-18 The Griswold Inn 8PM-11PM
3-17-18 Red House St. Paddy's Day Party time TBA
3-29-18 The Griswold Inn 8PM-11PM
4-7-18 DRB hosts the Ivory Sessions at the Ivory Pub 8PM-11PM
4-12-18 The Griswold Inn 8PM-11PM
4-18-18 DRB Acoustic at the Bee and Thistle in Lyme, CT 6PM-8PM
4-26-18 The Griswold Inn 8PM-11PMĀ 
4-27-18 DRB Acoustic Trio at the Pattaconk in Chester 10PM-1AM

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Get through the last few weeks of winter by setting yourself adrift on the Dizzy River. The musical stylings and vocal harmoniesĀ 
of DRB will flood these local establishments and you should dip your toe in the water and check out a show.
The Dizzy River Band